Plastic Fruit Christianity

May 31, 2016

Josiah Beougher, our youth pastor and worship leader, presented a great message this past Sunday. Take a listen and hear what young people are thinking.

I Have a Dream_Vision

May 23, 2016

Adaptability and Flexibility are the marks of followers of Jesus. The gospel remains the same, the truth remains the same, but the church must continually follow the cloud of God's move as He relates to cultures and societies with His saving message.

Come and Dine, at the table with the Master

May 17, 2016

This the beginning of a new series. We will explore how much Jesus did in the context of dining. It is amazing the amount of truth came forth in dining situations. 

is God…Real? - Roy Levingston

May 9, 2016

Roy Levingston, Elder, ponders the God...Real? He shares his personal experiences in this battle of faith.

Connection 2 -Pastor Bill Lewis

May 4, 2016

Pastor Bill continues the message on Connection 2. The need for bonding, relationship, and love. People are important. The Hope of the Church is people.

Preference or Purpose -Tim Hughes Elder

May 4, 2016

Tim Hughes, elder, shares a great message on change and the need for it and how we can adjust,