September 26, 2017

Tim Hughes shares that we have enough information; now we need to apply it in ways that are easy, intentional, and low risk. Lifestyle evangelism.


Tread Lightly

September 18, 2017

Bill shares from Matthew 12 and the care that needs to be taken in relating to the Father, the Son, and particularly, the Holy Spirit. Also, we are in transition as God is working some new things, calling His people back to simplicity.


Treasure Hunting in Chillicothe

September 11, 2017

Roy and Char Levingston minister each year at the Easy Rider Gathering in Chillicothe, Ohio. They share the testimony and lessons of the event.


Is It Lawful to do Good?

September 5, 2017

Jesus once again is confronted with his extension of mercy in the face of the law. Where is the Spirit of the Law versus the letter of the law?


Treasure Hunt

August 28, 2017

Matthew 13, Jesus declares the value of the Kingdom of Heaven. Have we? Food for thought: we have spent lots of time about being born again, but little about the Kingdom; yet this was the primary mesage of Jesus.


The Joy of Worship

August 21, 2017

Paul Dove shares his love of worship and praising the Lord.


Mustard Seed Part 2

August 14, 2017

This is the finish to last week's message. Started with a little recap of last week's message and then moved into the rest of the sermon. The challenge is to live by the word, believe the word. The Kingdom of God is extremely important, more than is being recognized.


Mustard Seed

August 8, 2017

Jesus uses the mustard seed as an example of how the kingdom of God starts small, but becomes huge as shown in the picture. The Kingdom of God in us is growing and in the world is growing. One day it will fill the whole earth.


Wheat or Tares

July 31, 2017

There is danger in the world. We live in dangerous times. However, Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God and how the soil is good, the seed is good, but there is an enemy who sows Tares in the Kingdom of God. There is danger not only in the world, but there are dangers in the church, in Christianity.


The Amazing Love of God

July 24, 2017

Ralph Howe shares his current mission trips as a backdrop to his message on the Love revealed in the Bible. The call is to get back to loving God.