The Cost of Discipleship

November 13, 2017

Jesus calls us to be his disciples and there is a cost. It is a high cost, but it will change nations.



November 8, 2017

What the Lord has to say through the Book of Colossians.


Lou Kaleel, Prophetic Dream

November 8, 2017

Lou speaks to the church concerning his concern for the life of the church.


Missed Opportunity

October 22, 2017

Pastor Bill looks into the missed opportunity of the villages of the Sea of Galilee. He leads into the matter of salvation and being yoked with him.


Falling Away

October 16, 2017

Pastor Bill preaches from Mathhew 11 where John the Baptist asks if he is the one or is there someone else coming? We all have doubts from time to time and some of them can be severe, particularly in times of trial.


Need a Sign?

October 2, 2017

Pastor Bill speaks of the message of Jesus to the Jewish leaders and the demonic influence that can come through intellectualism and religious formalism.

Also, there is a section on the power of the blood covenant in Jesus Christ.


Tearing down Fortresses - Michel Wabantu, Pastor from Congo

September 29, 2017

Michel shares on prayer and intercession. He lists 7 fortresses that need torn down.



September 26, 2017

Tim Hughes shares that we have enough information; now we need to apply it in ways that are easy, intentional, and low risk. Lifestyle evangelism.


Tread Lightly

September 18, 2017

Bill shares from Matthew 12 and the care that needs to be taken in relating to the Father, the Son, and particularly, the Holy Spirit. Also, we are in transition as God is working some new things, calling His people back to simplicity.


Treasure Hunting in Chillicothe

September 11, 2017

Roy and Char Levingston minister each year at the Easy Rider Gathering in Chillicothe, Ohio. They share the testimony and lessons of the event.