Actively Engaged…Message Only

July 25, 2016

Here is Ralph's message as a stand-alone.

Actively Engaged…Full Service

July 25, 2016

Ralph Howe preached an excellent message, but we have included the whole service because there were significant prophecies given and encouraging testimonies that interwove perfectly leading to the message and the total point of the whole morning. Prophecies were given by Pastor Bill, Becky Hutmacher, and a significant vision by Denise Beveridge. Testimonies were given by Lynn and Denise Beveridge and Paul Dove. The worship section has the voice of Josiah Beougher, our worship leader. Also, the voice of Levi Hershberger for the offering section.

My Story…His Story

July 5, 2016

Jeff Perelka shared an inspiring, honest message that touched the hearts of the people. Listen and hear his sincerity and experience.